Health and Wellness Coaching
Change your mind to change your life.


What is a health coach?

When people learn I am a health and wellness coach or they hear me say that I can help them lose weight without deprivation, excessive exercise or drugs they often ask, "What is coaching anyway?"

Celebrities, sports figures and even many top CEO's cite coaching as a key to their personal and professional success. You are hearing about it more these days because people across the world are discovering that a coach can help boost them on their chosen paths.

A coach does not decide what's best for you or tell you what to do - but a coach does help clarify, prioritize and simplify the goals you have chosen for yourself. A coach helps you find the inspiration and ongoing willingness to make changes and create a more satisfying life.

Sometimes people choose to have a coach because they know what they want to accomplish, but have not yet been able to achieve or maintain those accomplishments. Other times they just know that life could be better and it's not clear to them where to begin or how to proceed.

A coach brings an objective perspective to your journey. They support you without attachment or judgment. A coach has been trained to listen actively to you and has a wide spectrum of tools to offer you - practical tools that meet your specific needs.

Together you and your coach work in a collaborative partnership to help you identify and meet your goals, using appropriate strategies and in the end, yielding clear, measurable results. We'll develop action steps that are comfortable for you and work with your unique lifestyle and your specific preferences and interests. You get to set a pace that is comfortable for you.

Through the process of coaching, clients deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life. Coaching accelerates the client's progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where clients are today and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be tomorrow.

One of the many benefits of coaching is having someone who keeps you accountable, because "will-power" alone is usually not the most effective way to your chosen goals. Professional coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Clients become more self-aware and self-empowered, learning invaluable skills that they can use in all areas for the rest of their lives.


Disclaimer: As a Health Coach, I will never attempt to diagnose, treat, make claims, prevent or cure any disease or condition. I advise my clients that Health Coaching is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed health care professional.