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The following is extracted from longer testimonials offered by some of my clients.

These are the client's own words and have not been edited in any way.


I have been working with Debora Reilly as my health and wellness coach and have seen a remarkable change in my life. So much so, that I don't want to stop the path that I'm on.

Debora has been a great motivator to me in pursuing the life I want to be living. The quality of my life, and indirectly my family's life, has become so much happier.

She is not judgmental, so I never worry about what I tell her. This allows me to be completely honest with her and myself. I would highly recommend Debora as a health and wellness coach to any of my friends and family.

- C.K.


I find Debora to be a wonderful listener. I always feel safe and never judged. She has a way of hearing you out while still keeping you on task. All of this leads to a well rounded and very productive session every single time she works with me.

She also has a way of asking questions that help you to go deeper and find new insights and perspectives. Her questions help you to identify your own strengths in any situation and help you to find the necessary tools within yourself that you can use when you're "on your own."

Upon completion of every single session, I leave feeling so much better about myself than when the session started. She has wisdom, clarity, and compassion and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is truly serious about making positive changes in their lives.

- P.G.


I started to have issues with the organization in my office, which then carried over to my weight -- this was directly affecting my overall health and well-being. I was so sure I could help myself, but I was spinning my wheels... and then I found Debora.

Debora helped me find solutions for myself. She is an exceptionally good listener and has the capacity to hear things in our conversations that I was not even aware were in my thoughts. Debora is a very gentle, yet very strong individual. She kept me focused and helped me clarify what I most wanted to accomplish.

Debora is an extremely effective professional. The work we did together is invaluable to me to create a more satisfying and healthier life. Our work sessions were totally enjoyable. It is for these reasons I will continue to recommend her coaching program to friends and associates.

- C.G


When I began working with Debora I was experiencing chronic pain that was limiting my activities and adversely affecting my state of mind. With Debora's support, I have been able to integrate stretches and movement into my life so that I am now experiencing significantly less pain and limitation.

Even if the only improvements I experienced were physical, it would have made a world of difference. But I am happy to say that I have received many other benefits from our Coaching. Debora helped me work through the stress of a living situation that could potentially lead to a blowout and angry feelings. She didn't offer advice... she helped me clarify what I already knew, and helped me see and clarify things I didn't know or hadn't considered.

I always felt safe with Debora. There was never any doubt that she was committed to my success. She was always objective and non-judgmental. She also has a unique ability to hold me accountable for my words and actions without causing anger. Sessions with her were always enjoyable and most definitely solution oriented. I recommend Debora Reilly very highly as a Health and Wellness Coach.

- M.L.B.


As a woman, I appreciate having another woman as my coach. There is so much that she already understands, and I feel more comfortable talking about intimacies with another woman. In between sessions it is a comfort to me just to know I can call Debora for a "Just In Time" session if I really need one. It is like having a lifeline I hope I won't have to use.

As I write this I still talk regularly with Debora and what we deal with in our sessions has changed over time. I am doing well these days, feeling calmer in life and feeling more comfortable in my own body. Life always presents challanges, but I love having the wisdom and support of someone so intuitive and kind as Debora. I recommend her, and can honestly say that my life today is better because of her.

- B.K.


I have huge creative influence on the unfolding life journey I experience. - Debora