Health and Wellness Coaching
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Meet Debora

Debora brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every health and wellness coaching session.

Professionally Trained and Certified Coach

Debora successfully completed a year-long intensive Health Coach Training program. There were two classes a week for a total of 96 classes. Debora also conducted over 120 hours of live health and wellness coaching sessions while she was still in the training program to integrate the extensive skills she was learning.

After Debora graduated she "went that extra mile" to earn her Health Coach Certification. This required an comprehensive written examination as well as an oral exam. She was the only student in her class of 25 to pursue the Certification credential.

As a result of this extensive and focused training, Debora developed a wealth of coaching skills to help her clients articulate and achieve their goals. She is now running her own successful coaching business.

In addition, Debora has been immersed in the study and practical application of the Law of Attraction for close to 20 years. She knows that it is consistent and predictable. She helps her clients understand and utilize this universal reality in a way that makes it easier for them to achieve and maintain their weight loss and other healthy lifestyle goals.

While Debora's experience includes a wide range of client issues, her primary niche is working with women 35+ who want to lose the excess weight that is affecting their health, self-esteem and also may limit the ways they experience and express joy in their life.

She continues to take courses and participate in activities that enhance her coaching skills and increase her knowledge and ability to communicate effectively about exercise, nutrition, the mind/body connection and what it takes to live a joyful, satisfying life.

But formal training is just half the story. It is not an exaggeration to say that Debora has been preparing herself for the role of a health and wellness coach for most of her life. Click here and learn how Debora has spent a lifetime in preparation.


I am committed to noticing what I love about myself and my life.
- Debora