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A Life of Change and Choice, Moment by Moment

An In Balance Original Article

The nature of life is continuing change. We see this in the seasons, as spring turns into summer into autumn into winter into spring again. Not even winter is an unchanging landscape, despite appearances. And so it is in our own lives. A period of depression will end, despite appearances (a theme often reiterated by suicide prevention hotlines). And hard-won accomplishments will sometimes falter and slip every once in a while. We often forget we live dynamic lives in a world that is never at rest.

It takes patience and diligence to learn and practice the effective affirmations and positive habits to achieve a desired goal, and when we finally arrive we are full of confidence, secretly delighted to have found an inside track on how this complicated thing called Life works. But say one day we trip and fail? Do we get back on track and forgive ourselves for an all-too-human weakness, or do we allow the pendulum to carry us into deep despair? If we expected a permanent fix, even a tiny slip can open the floodgates of doubt and remorse. We need to be flexible enough to accommodate life's surprises.

Ultimately, we all want to sail on smooth seas, and avoid the knocks, depressions and dizzying heights of an uncertain ocean, but how do we do this? How may we learn to navigate through life with a greater degree of regularity and certainty? How do we maintain our balance as we pursue the life of our dreams?

To begin with, try on the idea that the physical world is in a state of constant flux, everything vibrating in varying intensities. The analogy of the ocean is a valid one, for the movement of the waves is just an illusion. The water does not move; it stays in place and simply rises and falls, passing along the energy that runs through it. In our "sea of life" analogy, we have it in our power to calm that energy and, in turn, smooth the waves. We can lower the intensity of our own vibrations through meditation, deliberate intention, and other means. We can also influence the vibrations in our environment, as well.

And like the ocean tides, energy flows in a cyclical pattern of surge and withdraw, push and relax, flow and ebb. Even the energy in our own bodies flows and ebbs. We exert ourselves through physical exercise, then rest. We challenge our minds through a lengthy exam, then rest. Our attention span is limited, as is our endurance, patience, exuberance, and other stresses. A body in balance respects the need for both flow and ebb.

Next, please consider the idea that nothing on earth is permanent. Everything in the physical world is subject to change, especially fragile life. A mosquito trapped in amber appears forever alive, but that is an illusion. Life and death reflect the flow and ebb of every creature on the planet. Pyramids crumble. Even the continents evolve over time.

Finally, while life appears to be a continuous stream, life is more accurately a series of moments, and in every moment we have the potential to do it differently. We can change course, or repeat a tried-and-true method, or continue along without changing anything. It is our choice. Nothing is fixed. And though we usually feel we cannot control what is happening in the rest of the world, we can control how we respond to it when we meet it.

More than that, we might be able to influence what we meet in life. According to the Law of Attraction, our thoughts can influence the patterns of life around us, and draw to us what we focus on, both "good" and "bad." Our thoughts, like our bodies, vibrate with the same oscillations as the world around us.

It is all energy, ultimately. My chair - and the light I see it with, too. Quantum Physics explains very well how the vibrations of the very small translate into what we touch and see in the larger combinations of molecules - in short: you, me, and everything in the world with us. Many of my clients are excited to learn this, and many have had very positive results from intentionally working with the Law of Attraction.

In each moment we can choose and choose again, and in doing so, little by little, we change our experience. In every moment we choose the direction we take, and with our attention and expectations we create the venue through which we journey. We ride over smoother seas, because both our course and the sea we sail upon are of our making.

Seen through this prism, Life can be a colorful adventure. Life is like an unfolding novel, where we learn we could never have enjoyed new experiences and fresh triumphs without the trials and hardships that guided us into that land. If we learn to look at life this way, we may even know fulfillment in times of trial, and despite hardship we will still feel an excited eagerness to experience whatever lies ahead.

Each moment represents a potential new beginning, and collectively the stream of moments represents our life story. This is illustrated brilliantly in a play by Stephen Sondheim titled "Into The Woods." The Baker's Wife has just had a wonderful romantic moment with the handsome Prince. But he reminds her that "this was just a moment in the woods," not a lifetime commitment. She later sings:

"Oh, if life were only moments - even now and then a bad one.
But if life were only moments - how'd you ever know you had one?"

Someone afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease sadly loses a lifetime of memories, and is left with only random, unrelated moments. But you and I are luckier than that; we have it in our power to live rich and full lives. We can choose our moments to begin change. So go ahead, choose your moment - and make it a good one! Best wishes on your journey.


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